Why did we create the foundation?

During the last months we tried to support shelters, help for dogs who needed, we were foster family as we really love the animals.

We realized that we can investigate all our time into these activities, there are more and more dogs and cats who really need help, need new home. We cannot really see the end of this process.

We tried to understand the situation, find reasons why people do not take car for not having more and more not planned babies of their animals. In some cases the reason is that they do not understand it is really needed, in some other cases the problem is the money. Castration is not cheap, a lot of hungarian people cannot save this money and investigate for this goal.

We decided to create a foundation to support castration. So we can help for people who need it, and we avoid having more and more unexpected babies who can not find family.

Why do we think that we will be special?

We usually hear from people that I would like to help but I am not sure if I give my money to somewhere, they spend it for the original goal.

You can follow all our payments and costs in our webpage. In case of anybody gives money for us, it will be documented here, and all out costs also.

People who support us can decide if they let us decide which animal will be castrated from his money, or he can choose any open request and support it directly.

Who are behind the wall?



NYISTA csapat


Founder: Németh István

Board of Trustees:

  • Horváth Anikó
  • Kácser Kitti
  • Cserna Gábor

And of course the most important, YOU, who support the foundation!